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After Agreeing to Mediators’ Proposal, Party Bound by Silence on Settlement Agreement
A fee-splitting dispute among some fifty law firms was resolved at the end of a difficult mediation when all parties finally accepted the mediators’ proposal for dividing fees. When the settlement agreement was drafted, however, one lawyer tweaked the terms and then was silent as the agreement moved forward and was signed by all other parties. Applying Illinois law, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit affirmed the district court’s conclusion that based on the parties’ long course of dealing the lawyer was bound by his silence even though he never signed the agreement.
Bauer v. Qwest Communications Co., No. 12-3036 (U.S.C.A. 7th Cir., February 14, 2014)

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Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution

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A 21st Century ‘Junto’ for Commercial Mediators presented by The International Academy of Mediators and Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution of Pepperdine University

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October 23-25, 2014

IAM Fall Conference 2014 - Chicago, Illinois

The International Academy of Mediators is excited to announce its Fall 2014 Conference taking place in Chicago, Illinois. Read more >


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