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Committee Spotlight

Many of our members are not aware of the significant contributions made by IAM members who lead and serve on IAM committees, programs and projects that, in fact, are the heart and soul of IAM. They enable IAM to be the premier organization for commercial mediators.

The purpose of the Committee Spotlight (which will include IAM programs and projects) is to highlight the hard work of the committee chairs and the committee members and to share some of the fruits of their labor. The first Committee Spotlight is on the Mentorship Program (see below).


I know that President-Elect, Gene Moscovitch, and Vice President, Jeff Jury, support this new feature. In addition to updating the membership on some of the committees’ accomplishments, I hope this feature will inspire some to think about serving on one of the many IAM committees, programs and projects.

Thank you for your membership and service.

Marvin E. Johnson
International Academy of Mediators

Mediator's Mentorship Program (MMP)
Co-Chairs, Karin Hobbs and Larry Rute

The purpose of the MMP program is to recruit and support the next generation of mediator scholars and practitioners. This program allows IAM members to share our knowledge and experience to improve mediation practices domestically and internationally as we expand into developing and emerging markets.

To join in the MMP, a person must first be nominated by an existing member of IAM. The nominee member must agree to serve as the nominee’s mentor during the duration of the nominee’s participation in the program. In general, eligibility for entry into the program is limited to those under the age of 50, unless exceptions were granted (such as emerging and developing markets). In order to be eligible to join the MMP, it is anticipated that an individual would devote the majority of his or her practice to mediation. Consideration will be given to nominees who have published at least one article on mediation, and/or have made CLE or similar presentation(s) to the Bar or industry groups.

All IAM members will soon receive information from MMP Mentees, Alicia Kuin and Jorden Ryan, proposing quarterly Mentee Juntos in which selected IAM discussion leaders will facilitate a one-hour discussion on a topic similar to our Junto sessions. Initially, we will do these Mentee Juntos by telephone and/or Skype. This is an exciting new program for members to share their knowledge and experience to the next generation of mediators. All IAM members should extend our thanks, cooperation and support to Alicia and Jorden for their support and development of this exciting new program.