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The presentations/papers have been updated and are available online to download.   Please note, this link is confidential for delegates only and not to be shared with others.


We will be updating this list as presentations are provided by our speakers during the conference.

2016 Fall Conference Presentations

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
It's Not My Fault Nina Meierding.pdf PDF (3.25 MB) Administration 2016-09-28
JSChapter-ChallengingtheStatusQuo J Sturrock.pdf PDF (295.34 KB) Administration 2016-09-28
Hon. Gladys Alvarez Acceptance Speech.pdf PDF (166.5 KB) Administration 2016-09-28
Blurred Lines Dr Michael Woodworth and Dr Step.pdf PDF (2.59 MB) Administration 2016-09-28
Mediating in Hong Kong - Jody Sin.pdf PDF (246.92 KB) Administration 2016-09-28
Reflections on Making Connection with Jeff Kri.pdf PDF (8.01 MB) Administration 2016-09-28
Plenary The Great Debate Eric Galton_Susan Ham.pdf PDF (363.55 KB) Administration 2016-09-28
Mediating Sports Disputes with P. Godin and M..pdf PDF (1.1 MB) Administration 2016-09-28
Daily Journal Article Hon. Hoffman.pdf PDF (2.16 MB) Administration 2016-09-19