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2017 Fall Conference Workshops

Workshops (formerly known as Juntos):  Workshops take place throughout the conference. Topics include:
Guided Choice: Pre-Mediation Tools & Processes for Making Everyday Mediations More Efficient
Paul Lurie, Distinguished Fellow, Evanston, IL and Steve Paul, Distinguished Fellow, Los Angeles, CA
Helping Lawyers Settle Cases: What About the Parties?
Floyd Siegal, Distinguished Fellow, Los Angeles, CA & Susan Hammer, Distinguished Fellow, Portland, OR
How & When to Set Deadlines & Create Urgency
Kim Sands, Distinguished Fellow, Daytona Beach, FL
Learning from Differences in Dispute Resolution Techniques Around the Globe
Birgit Sambeth Glasner, Distinguished Fellow, Geneva, Switzerland
Mediating Across Cultures (in French/en Francais)
Renée Kolar, Austin TX
Mediating Across Cultures (in Spanish/en español)
The Hon. Josefina Rendon, Houston, TX; Betty Gilmore, Ph.D., Plano, TX; Arturo Aviles, Austin, TX ; and John Rubin, Austin, TX
Mediating Multi-party Disputes (such as Construction Cases) All Over the World
Steve Nelson, Distinguished Fellow, Plano, TX and Jeff Hand, Distinguished Fellow, Vancouver, BC
Nurturing Our Souls: Maintaining Balance and Energy Before, During and After Mediations
Michelle Reinglass, Distinguished Fellow, Laguna Hills, CA and Rob Daisley, Distinguished Fellow, Tampa, FL
Post-Conference Negotiations: The Opera Isn’t Over Until We Say It’s Over
George Brown, Distinguished Fellow Emeritus, Memphis, TN
Should I Stay or Should I Go: How and When to Close and How and When to Continue
George Brown and Kim Sands
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