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The IAM Pro-Bono Initiative

The International Academy of Mediators (IAM) has committed itself – as an organization and as a community of worldwide professionals – to encouraging and promoting access to sophisticated mediation services of disputes through the IAM PRO-BONO INITIATIVE.

The Initiative is a structured, institutionalized committee within the IAM, drawing on all of the resources of our world-class mediators. Our members devote significant personal resources to hundreds of not-for-profit organizations and individuals unable to pay significant mediation fees. Because we view pro bono as an integral part of our practice, we give pro bono matters the same attention, staffing and other resources as our private commercial matters.

The IAM Pro-Bono Inititative seeks to identify ways in which IAM Fellows are using conflict resolution skills and expertise throughout the world in advancing the principles of dialogue and peace-building as well as inter-personal or litigation related conflict resolution. As such, we seek to recognize the various contributions being made by IAM Fellows which may include training, teaching, program development and general advancement of the use of mediation publicly and privately, through courts, governments, schools and non-profits.


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