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IAM Initiative: Continuing Legal Education Program

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The IAM Initiative: Continuing Legal Education Program

1. Collaboration with Washington University School of Law ADR Program to present high quality seminars three or four times a year at the Law School. (We, also do this independently without the school twice a year at other locations in Illinois)

2. Values:

  • a. Provide High quality CLE;
  • b. Donate money to charities (legal aid, victims of Joplin tornado, etc.)

3. Methodology:

  • a. Seek out leaders (attorneys and judges) and ask them to speak on specific topics;
  • b. Multiple topics at each ½ day seminar. (usually 4, 45 minute segments with short break (we provide continental breakfast);
  • c. One topic on ADR;
  • d. Low attendance fee;
  • e. We underwrite the programs. Speakers never charge for their time though we occasionally pay for airfare. Basic costs are food, room and advertising (mostly email);

4. Benefits:

  • a. School and USA&M recognized for high quality presentation, often cutting edge;
  • b. Attendees get value and can also making charitable contribution;
  • c. We get to make a charitable contribution that has involved the community.
  • d. Speakers get recognition, referrals and part of a team that has benefited the community.
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