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President's Message - May 3, 2016

Here is a more detailed view of how I have sought to divide up and reorganize our working Committees to help us achieve some of these goals, along with a partial listing of some of the indispensable persons who have, thus far, stepped up to be part of that process.  The listing is still far from complete. I welcome any member to step forward if they have a particular interest in an existing committee or if they have any ideas that they would like to develop within the organization. Fortunately, we are all in this together.

(1) Committee and member participation

Membership (under the leadership of Lee Jacobson):  Jon Fidler, Angelia Tolbert, Andy Albert, Greg Bourgeois, Barbara Cornish, Michel Kallipetis and Michelle Reinglass

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Providing greater value to international members
  • Increasing diversity

Communication and Outreach (under the leadership of Chuck Doran): Jan Schau, Elaine Gordon, Lynn Basis, Christine Masters

  •  Listserv development and discourse, webinars, Committee Spotlights,  profiles        

International Relations (under the leadership of Jeff Jury): Kimberly Kovach, Michel Kallipetis, John Sturrock, Louise Otis, Claude Amar, Barbara Cornish, Elizabeth Birch, James Peter

  •  World-wide search for outstanding mediators
  •  Making our conferences and listserv more relevant to international members
  • Striving for full integration and participation from all members

Scholar in Residence:  Hal Abramson, Cliff Hendler, Jerry Weiss, Jan Schau

  • Choosing a successor to Hal Abramson, including serving on the Search Committee
  • Defining the function of the SIR

Pro Bono:  Steve Paul, Mike Young, Greg Derin

  • Invigorating the pilot program in California through more listserv attention, further outreach to major law firms and not-for-profit agencies, and seeking greater membership involvement in other jurisdictions.
  • Expanding into new geographic areas.

Financial Review: Marvin Johnson, Jack Waddey, Paul Monicatti, Chuck Doran (Jeff Jury liaison with the Revenue Generation committee)

  • Review IAM operational finances and make recommendations to the Board of Governors for improvements and efficiencies

Revenue Generation:(under the leadership of Jeff Jury):  Jack Waddey, Chuck Doran, Allan Kanter, Jon Fidler

  • Legacy donations: Jack Waddey, Jerry Weiss, John Phillips
  • Long term sponsorships
  • Other sources of revenue generation

Mentorship Program:  Paul Iacono, Larry Rute, Wendy Kramer

  • New webinars, increased accountability,  greater Board involvement

 Fellowship Program (Scholarship and Grants):  Allan Kanter, Michelle Reinglass, Elaine Gordon.

  • Screening, Speaker Funds, and Coordination with Revenue Generation Committee    

(2) Membership

One of our most active and productive committees has been the Membership Committee.  We have many inquiries from around the world.  As you know from a recent email, we have just inducted a wonderful group of new members in both New Zealand and more recently in New York City.  Welcome to the new IAM members.  We anticipate that over the years, your participation will enrich us all!

We proudly note that the IAM, now approaching the commencement of its 20th year, has now grown to be an organization of approximately 200 members from 22 different countries in the world. We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary at our upcoming conference in Vancouver in September of 2016 as part of a much anticipated program to be presented at that Conference’s Friday night Banquet entitled “IAM’s First 20 Years: "Looking Back and Moving Forward”, to be presented by Cliff Hendler and Mike Young in honor of our Founding Members (Class of 1996) and 20 years’ worth of Past Presidents.

(3) Emeritus

With the able assistance of our first Emeritus Board representative, Ed Kolker, we hope to continue to examine and refine this important program.

(4) Mentorship

I am delighted to announce that the Mentee program is strongly underway!  The mentees held their first webinar, led by Robert Daisley.  They had a lively discussion about “Marketing, Scheduling, Pricing, Billing, Collections, Technology and More.” This program is being headed up by Mentees, Jorden Ryan and Alicia Kuhn.  The next program will be held on May 9th and will be facilitated by Mike Young.  The topic to be discussed will be "Beyond Mediating — How to Mediate for Success…and Repeat Business.”  All IAM members are welcome to participate.  Also if you are interested in facilitating a discussion with the IAM mentees, kindly contact Larry Rute or Paul Iacono.

(5) Upcoming conferences

  • Fall Conference 2016- Vancouver, BC.  September 22-24, 2016.  (Stay tuned for the registration brochure which will be out shortly, listing a fantastic substantive program and links to an endless array of cultural and recreational activities in the immediate vicinity). All of this has been accomplished under the enthusiastic and tireless stewardship of Barbara Cornish and her Committee, Nina Meierding, Susan Hammer, Larry Levy and Andréa Morrison. Please note that members and invited guests (identified by the Membership Committee) will be given priority for early bird registration until June 30, 2016, after which time registration will open to non-members as well.
  • Spring Conference 2017- Memphis, TN April 27-29, 2017 (Home of the National Civil Rights Museum, Graceland, and an abundance of ribs & blues happily presented by George Brown, Mark Travis, Jack Waddey, John Cannon, Jim London and Howard Vogel).
  • Fall Conference 2017- Austin, TX (Date TBD) (Live Music Capital of the World. Returning to the scene of one of our greatest conferences ever, under the stellar guidance and unfailing leadership of Jeff Jury).
  • Spring Conference 2018- Edinburgh, Scotland (Date TBD) (Our 3rd European Conference, under the inspired leadership of John Sturrock, with solid educational content and acting as a solid springboard to further travel on the Continent or the British Isles themselves).
  • Fall Conference 2018- Cleveland, OH (Date TBD) (Home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and of Case Western Reserve University, under the harmonious co-leadership of Jerry Weiss and Lee Jacobson).

I look forward to a productive and collaborative year and welcome comments and participation.  

Gene Moscovitch, IAM