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President's Welcome!

Dear IAM Friends and Family. Count this as my first Presidential Message…and your first Opportunity To Provide Value To Your IAM Buds.

First, it was and is with great humility that I accepted the really cool crystal gavel in Santa Monica. It is a perfect symbol of our organization — of the highest quality, unique, precious in a way, needing some care in handling, and best of all showering the room with countless beams of color when the sun hits it just so. I promise not to drop it for the year it is in my hands.

As I look backwards and forwards, I truly believe we are on the cusp of some really wonderful advancements in the life of the IAM. This alone is a minor miracle if you think about it. We are an organization that, almost as the price of admission, requires that we be too busy to do anything but mediate. And despite the busy practices that we all have, the IAM is doing amazing things thanks solely to the energy and talents and wild imaginations of our members.