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 IAM and Mediation Awareness Week in Los Angeles

Distinguished Fellow Daniel Ben Zvi has been a silent force in the Los Angeles mediation scene for over a decade and I just wanted to share a little of what he has done.  Among many other things, Dan has for the past eleven years worked with the Los Angeles City Council to have a week in March dedicated as Mediation Awareness Week. 

This year, Dan arranged for the President of the IAM to attend the ceremony and give a ³one² minute statement to the City Council about the IAM.  I was able to highlight our mentorship and pro bono mediation initiatives, both of which were favorably received.


Dan and a host of dignitaries (including the City Attorney, Council member Koretz and Michael Young, President of the IAM with the ornate City Proclamation.

Dan filled Mediation Awareness Week with a plethora of mediation programs throughout the city, uniting the various mediation organizations into a common cause, and distributing a Mediation Awareness Week daily email newsletter.  He was kind enough to allow us to include a plug for the IAM and its pro bono mediation initiative.  The IAM's and Dan¹s pieces are attached as well for those who are curious.

IAM Distinguished Fellows who have been honoured in very significant ways:

Joan Parker was the recent recipient of the Peggy Browning Award. The Peggy Browning Award is presented annually to social justice champions who have distinguished themselves with passion and dedication to the rights and needs of workers and their families. The Peggy Browning Fund is a 501(c)3 organization that educates and inspires the next generation of advocates for workplace justice through fellowships, workers' rights conferences, regional workshops, networking and other programs. PBF was established in 1997 in memory of Margaret A. Browning, a prominent labor attorney and the first union lawyer appointed a Member of the National Labor Relations Board. This award was presented to Joan on March 19th.

David Hoffman will be presented with American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution's highest honour, the D'Alemberte-Raven Award. The D'Alemberte Raven Award recognizes leaders in the dispute resolution community for their significant contributions to the field. The award is named for the late Robert D. Raven of San Francisco and Talbot D'Alemberte of Tallahassee, former ABA presidents and pioneers with the ABA in the area of dispute resolution. This award will be presented to David at the ABA DR Section's conference in Seattle on April 17th at lunch....to read more click here!