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IAM Tartan

The IAM Tartan and Whisky

Before and during the conference we intend to offer various items in the "IAM tartan". Here is a preview of the tartan itself. It is a variant of the World Peace Tartan, which is endorsed by the Dalai Lama and woven in Edinburgh!

There will be an opportunity to purchase a range of clothing and other smaller gifts featuring this tartan, including kilts for the men, kilts or sashes for the ladies and a selection of smaller items such as ties, bags and more.

We will also have specially labelled IAM whisky for sale!  A 10 year old single malt whisky (distilled at the Glen Moray Distillery) will be available in 3 bottle sizes. Each bottle will be presented with a wax seal and a customised label featuring details of the conference and the guest’s name.