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International Mediators' Tartan, IAM Whisky and London Dry Gin

During the conference we will have available for sale, beautiful brushed wool scarves made from the "International Mediators' Tartan". Priced at £25.00, you can order these in advance or at the conference. Please contact Andrew at andrew@andrewburnet.co.uk

In addition there will be a range of clothing and accessory items manufactured from the International Mediators Tartan for purchase including:

 For the Gentlemen For the Ladies
  • Kilt £595
  • Trousers £295
  • Waistcoat £175
  • Tie/Bow Tie £25 (self-tying bowtie £40)
  • Skirt - various styles from £245
  • Trousers £295
  • Sash £49.95
  • Brooch £20

Please contact our partner Gordon Nicolson directly to arrange your specific requirements and to purchase any of these items - gbnicolson@gmail.com

The International Mediators Tartan, designed especially for the Edinburgh conference of the International Academy of Mediators in May 2018, was designed by Gordon Nicholson. Established in 2001 on the Canongate of Edinburgh's Royal Mile, Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers make kilts and highland wear of the highest standard. Operating in conjunction with Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy, they train the next generation of kiltmakers and hope to raise the industry standard of traditional kilt making.

Specializing in tartan design, Gordon has previously designed the University of Edinburgh Tartan and Scottish National Rugby Team Tartan.

For this tartan, he used the colours of the IAM logo to create several designs of which this is the chosen one. The tartan has been registered on the Scottish Tartans World Register. The 100% woven wool tartan cloth is woven in Scotland.

We will also have available, specially labelled IAM whisky for sale! A 10 year old single malt whisky (distilled exclusively for IAM at the Glen Moray Distillery) will be available in 3 bottle sizes. Each bottle will be presented with a wax seal and a customised label featuring details of the conference and the guest’s name.For gin connoisseurs, we will be offering IAM London Dry gin in the same format.

IAM 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky
including personalised labelling
IAM London Dry Gin
including personalised labelling
  • 700ml bottle - £38.00
  • 350ml bottle - £22.00
  • 200ml bottle – £15.00
  • 700ml bottle - £29.00
  • 350ml bottle - £17.00
  • 200ml bottle – £12.00

You can order these in advance or at the conference. Please contact Andrew at andrew@andrewburnet.co.uk